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What size water heater do you need?

That depends on the water usage of your home or business. You can learn more by clicking here from the Department of Energy, and here from HGTV.

We can help you identify the reason your water heater is no longer working properly. Sometimes it can be as simple as identifying that the pilot light was blown out for gas operated water heaters. After an inspection, if we do conclude that you are in need of a new water heater and the existing one is beyond repair – we will install a new water heater for you. We will connect all necessary water, gas or electric lines to the existing lines. We will fill the new hot water heater and test it to make sure it is working properly. We will remove your old water heater and recycle it for you. Lastly, we will do a final walk through to cleanup the work area and answer any questions or concerns that you may have about your new hot water heater.

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There are many different types and styles of water heaters.

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Replacing Your Water Heater: Professional vs. DIY

Paying a professional to replace your water heater can be expensive, and it’s only natural that people would want to avoid it if at all possible. Some people will wonder if replacing it themselves is a viable option to help save money. While we understand the thought, it’s important to understand that this is definitely not a DIY project!

Keep in mind that your water heater is full of gallons of scalding water and is connected to gas lines and pressure-controlled tanks. Making a mistake can be devastating and could result in significant injury to yourself and your property. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should invest in professional help and avoid a DIY project at any cost.

Safety Issues

First of all, there are a variety of safety problems present when replacing a water heater. In addition to the incredibly hot water you could encounter, your water heater is home to electrical wiring, natural gas, carbon monoxide, and various pressure-controlled tanks. Making a mistake with any of these could lead to catastrophic injury and damage. A professional fully understands the potential risks and will go out of their way to minimize risks.

Tricky Installation

On a purely practical level, replacing your own water heater can be a daunting and confusing task. The installation is not a simple one and requires knowledge of the venting and piping involved. Soldering and wiring are also possibilities when installing a water heater, and it’s important that anyone attempting an installation understand how to handle even the worst-case scenarios.

Lost Warranty

In addition to the damage to yourself and your property, installing a water heater on your own also means that if the unit malfunctions in the future, you won’t have the ease of mind that a guarantee from a professional offers. Many plumbers will guarantee their work in the form of a warranty, in other words, and making the decision to forgo that in favor of installing the water heater yourself could lead to serious frustrations down the road.

Building / Fire Codes

Finally, keep in mind that your home and its appliances must be “up to code”. That means that they adhere to certain safety guidelines. If you’re installing a water heater on your own, you might miss fire codes and building codes or even fail to obtain plumbing permits necessary to complete the job legally and safely.

We hope the information above helps convey that water heaters are not a DIY project. If you need to replace or repair your current water heater, it’s important to reach out to experienced professionals who can help ensure that the job is done safely and quickly.

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