Main water service to homes in Illinois with lead pipes can cause serious health risks

Just recently 341 homes in Naperville, IL were found to have lead water pipes in their homes. You can learn more here.

What are the health risks associated with lead water found in homes?

Findings have found that lead in water can affect children permanently. You can learn more here.

A major source of lead in drinking water within our homes usually comes from lead water service pipes. Today many towns and villages mandate that anyone replacing their existing homes water service, or adding new water service must install copper piping from the city’s main water line to the home. Towns are advising residents that any construction activity such as water main replacement and / or repair, water meter replacement or homes having partial lead service lines to have these lead pipes replaced with copper pipes. Lead piping was banned nationally in 1986. However, many homes still have not been changed to copper water service pipes.

Due to the health risks, many towns and villages offer residents rebates to help offset the costs associated with replacing their lead service lines. The CDC – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention talk about the fact that – “Lead found in tap water usually comes from the corrosion of older fixtures or from the solder that connects pipes.” You can learn more at the CDC here. You can also learn more about the dangers of lead from the Lead and Copper Rule by the EPA.

In conclusion, New Illinois Environmental Protection Agency rules mandate that all property owners must be notified of any potential amounts of lead in drinking water which can cause brain damage in children, increasing the potential for learning disabilities and may cause violent tendencies.